University of Edinburgh Business School

Teaching in Practice Sessions (TiPS)

Teaching is an essential element of scholarship at the University of Edinburgh Business School. In order to enhance teaching skills across the school, SBI hosts the “Teaching in Practice Sessions” (TiPS) – a platform for knowledge sharing in the area of teaching.

Our Teaching in Practice Sessions run twice a term and cover a variety of topics that are both relevant and complex and can benefit from group brainstorming and insights from leading academics. We invite guest speakers from both within and outwith the Business School to share their stories and lessons learnt from different teaching contexts.

TiPS does not replace nor compete with any formal teaching enhancement mechanism already in the place at the School or University, rather it complements these. Those who do attend are able to claim CPD points from the University’s Institute Academic Development.

What the participants are saying

“TiPS is an excellent and innovative initiative. It is a very good way to learn from each other. It has started to inform my teaching. It is very refreshing. Thank you for making it happen!”