University of Edinburgh Business School

Sustainability strategy

SBI supports the notion that sustainability and responsible practices need to be entrenched into high level strategy and policy.

Sustainability discourse is, nowadays, ubiquitous; ranging from sustainable cities to sustainable consumption and investments. Given the global quest for sustainable development, orchestrated through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and growing public awareness of sustainability pressures, the translation of sustainability discourse into practice has become an imperative. As such, organisations can no longer afford not to take sustainability seriously.

However, sustainability is a dynamic concept with many, and often contested, meanings and varied manifestations. On the organisational level, for example, these meanings can manifest differently within (e.g. inter departments) and across (e.g. HQs vs subsidiaries) the same organisation in a way that might either constrain or enable the translation of sustainability discourses into action.

We explore how these often contested discourses of sustainability influence and shape sustainability practices in different organisations, spaces, and places. We welcome research collaborations in this area.

Kenneth Amaeshi leads research in this field.