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Executive Education

The Sustainable Business Initiative team run a number of executive education masterclasses in the University of Edinburgh. Our staff also work with our executive education team to develop custom programmes to best suit your organisation’s needs.

Our Advanced Sustainability Programme (ASP) Masterclass is now open for registration.
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Sustainability Strategy, Leadership & Management

The Sustainability Strategy, Leadership & Management programme aims to assist in the development of SMART (Sustainable; Meaningful; Adaptable; Responsible; Trustworthy) businesses by helping organisations integrate these SMART capabilities into their existing business models to fuel competitiveness, growth and longevity. The programme is normally delivered over 4 days and is designed to provide opportunities for group engagement, experiential learning through site-visits, post-programme mentoring/coaching, implementation and review. The post programme implementation, mentoring and review will reinforce learning and help to translate knowledge into practice.

Sustainability Strategy for the Energy and Extractive Industries

The essence of this programme is to enable firms in the energy and extractive industries to competitively minimise their negative impacts and enhance their positive impacts on society, the environment and economy. This is achieved by ensuring that sustainability thinking and paradigm is embedded in an organisation’s strategies. Research and experience have shown that well-articulated and engrained sustainability strategies enhance organisational adaptability and survival in complex environments.

Sustainability Strategy for the Financial Services

This course is based on the mantra that ‘sustainability is now, and sustainability is the future’. Participants will learn foundational perspectives of corporate sustainability in financial industry and more advanced concepts. These include, amongst others, risk mitigation, carbon financial Islamic banking, and microfinance. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity to understand what sustainability can mean for your organisation – both in terms of avoiding the risks, and capitalising from the opportunities.

Sustainability Strategy for the Public Sector

What makes sustainability in public sector particularly challenging is that it does not fit the standard set of considerations that for-profit businesses face. Instead, the public sector is unique in how it addresses these issues and in terms of its stakeholders. This programme is tailored to fit these unique challenges by providing a unique set of tools. We bring both vision and operational insight to managing sustainability within the public sector. We have, in cooperation with public sector experts, created this programme to not only educate public sector leaders, but to empower public sector organisations to bring sustainable living to its ‘customers’ – the citizens.

Leading Away from Crisis

The Leading away from Crisis programme focuses on how to prevent and protect your organisation from inherent risk in today’s business environment. Without effectively managing such risks, organisations could experience irreparable damage to their reputation and brand, which could lead to significant negative consequences including organisational decline and collapse.

Healthcare Management for Emerging Economies

This programme is specifically tailored to healthcare professionals. We seek to provide the necessary training to foster both a general understanding of sustainability in healthcare, and more specific knowledge related to emerging economy contexts. Our course is delivered by leading experts from the health care sector and academia to deliver interactive sessions throughout the intensive four-day course.