University of Edinburgh Business School
Why businesses in Nigeria need to take sustainable finance seriously
June 6, 2017

Professor Kenneth Amaeshi, in an article for The Conversation, considers the reasons why businesses in Nigeria should incorporate sustainability into their projects.

Director of the Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) at the University of Edinburgh Business School, Professor Kenneth Amaeshi, recently published an article online in The Conversation.

In the article, he considers the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the manner in which sustainability is the root of these goals. He then considers how sustainability is good for business and how Nigeria needs to go beyond just the piecemeal approach of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

He concludes the article with the thought that, “As long as Nigerian businesses want to thrive locally and globally, they cannot escape the current demands of sustainability. The earlier they understand and embrace it, the better for them.”

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