University of Edinburgh Business School
SBI Festival of Events Wins ILW ‘Most Impact’ Award
March 3, 2016

SBI were awarded the “Most Impact” award for their Innovative Learning Week (ILW) event. This incredible achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved.

Out of 300 events this year, the Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) Innovative Learning Week Festival of Events themed ‘There Is No Alternative! … Or is there?’ has received the ‘Most Impact’ Award from the University. Throughout these events SBI explored the tensions in alternative business models.

The festival was also nominated in three other ILW awards event categories: ‘Most Collaborative’, ‘Best Sustainability’ and ‘Best Community’.

The events’ impacts were felt far and wide thanks to strong collaborations with our friends at Edinburgh College of Arts (ECA) and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) department of the University as well as external partners Zero Waste Scotland, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Finance for the Future Awards, ICAEW, ICAS, and the Prince’s Trust’s Accounting for Sustainability.

The ILW organisers and the judging panel said of our events: “we and our judging panel were very impressed with your ILW events and the approach they took”.
SBI would like to thank everyone who made it a success, with a special mention to Margot Morton and Alistair Haig (the Business School’s ILW coordinators). Margot herself won the ‘Super Hero’ award for her fantastic contribution to ILW. Congratulations!

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