University of Edinburgh Business School
2015 disruptive innovation festival
November 16, 2015

Ken Webster recently delivered an inspiring talk about the importance of a circular economy in accommodating today’s societal changes and demands.

CTr40cVWIAA_lyVThe Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) was honored to host Ken Webster expert in the circular economy and Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as part of this years 2015 Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). Mr Webster facilitated an inspiring discussion of the circular economy and delved deeper into how the concept relates to our modern realities. His presentation explained that our current linear economy is outdated and is no longer efficient in accommodating today’s societal changes and demands.

The audience reflected on the implications of renewable energy developments and how a new economic system must be created to meet an influx in capital. Furthermore, the effects of a circular economy on employment, finance and education were explored and alongside the shift in taxation and public policy that is necessary for these vital change to occur.

It was clear from the discussion that we should aspire for a regenerative circular economy where waste is eliminated and materials can be claimed by ownership in the prospect of promoting rebuilding of capital and strengthening the security of the economy.

The event took place in The University of Edinburgh’s historic old college, the home of the Scottish Enlightenment and a fitting stage for Mr Webster to discuss the progress needed to change from an outdated linear economy to a progressive circular economy. There was great interest from the audience during the discussion which was chaired by Michelle Brown from the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department.

Mr Webster has recently published a book entitled “The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows” which is available on Amazon.
Ken Webster is on Twitter @CircularEconKen and you can join in the conversation as he goes on tour around the UK with the hashtags #KWontour and #CircularEconomy.

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